City of México, March 23, 2010.

Carlos Slim Health 2010 Awards, Third Edition

The reward ceremony of the Carlos Slim Health Institute 2010 Awards was performed today with the attendance of the Minister of Health of the federal government, José Ángel Córdova Villalobos, and Mr. Carlos Slim.

These awards are ascribed to the social investment programs of the Carlos Slim Health Institute and are divided into two categories: Research Career and Excellent Institution. Haitian doctor Jean William Pape was awarded the Research Career prize due to his contribution to ameliorating HIV/AIDS pandemia in the Caribbean and Latin American poor regions. Dr. Pape did create the first HIV/AIDS medical center, Les Centres GHESKIO, in Port-au-Prince in1982. Haiti was then the most HIV/AIDS harmed non-African country. Dr. Pape has also contributed to diminishing Haiti’s infant mortality in about 50 percent by controlling diverse infectious diseases. He is visiting professor in the Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York. Nowadays he lives in Haiti, where he leads Les Centres GHESKIO.

The prize Excellent Institution was awarded to the Brazilian Physical Fitness Studies Center (CELAFISCS) from Sao Caetano do Sul. CELAFISCS is a non-government institution created in 1974 to encouraging research, human resource and promotion of physical activity to prevent disease and improve life quality in a sedentary world. During 35 years, this institution has trained professional researchers in Brazil and Latin America by the hundreds. It has also created the social networks RAFA and Agita Mundo to promote healthy practices in third world populations.

In the reward ceremony the Carlos Slim Foundation made a special acknowledgment to Mexican Dr. Octavio Ruiz Speare, by awarding him the Carlos Slim Health Commitment Prize. Dr. Ruiz Spire is a leading surgical doctor and researcher of trauma-patients and organ transplanting in Mexico and Latin America. He has greatly contributed in creating specialized institutions and has trained many classes of leading professionals.

“These acknowledgments are aimed to express the gratitude of all of those who have been and will be benefited by the great work of the awarded persons and institutions. In honoring them we also honor all of those committed to improving health of the many”, said Mr. Marco Antonio Slim, President of the Board of Directors of the Carlos Slim Health Institute. Mr. Marco Antonio Slim informed that the institute has benefited 630,000 persons during its three years of existence.

Dr. Roberto Tapia Conyer, the institute’s general director, said that the 2010 year Carlos Slim Health Awards Summons drew 125 candidates from 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries. These awards, he said, show that Latin American and the Caribbean are nowadays able to create new and across-the-world useful knowledge, not only consumers of it.

The winners were awarded 100,000 dollars and a commemorative statuette each. In accepting their awards, they did express their replenished commitment to continue their health work.

The jury was compounded by the following scientists: Sergio Aguilar Gaxiola (México), Sir George Alleyne (Barbados), Jaime Nicolás Bayona (Perú), Rogerio Casas-Alatriste (México), Ciro de Quadros (Brazil), María Freire (Perú), Cesar Gomes Victoria (Brazil), Rodrigo Guerrero (Colombia), Ana Langer (Argentina) and Juan Rivera Dommarco (México).

The Carlos Slim Health Awards are aimed to fostering human resource development in Latin America and the Caribbean by encouraging both individual scientists and health institutions committed to health innovation and human welfare.

Prior awarded scientists and institutions are: Guillermo Soberón Acevedo (México), Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios y Santos (México), Dr. Cesar Gomes Victoria (Brazil), Socios en Salud Sucursal Perú (Perú) and CISALVA (Colombia).

Further information:
Alexandra Mantilla Ávila, Social Marketing Coordinator.

Phone numbers: 53 39 17 76 and 53 39 17 70 (243).

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