Carso Group and its affiliate firms proudly announce to their clients, associates, partners, providers, friends and the general public that our total investment in 2012 year will account more than more than 60,250 million pesos in Mexico and create more than 100,000 direct and indirect job posts in the following economic sectors:

Telecommunications: In order to keep offering the most-advanced technology, capacity, speediness and service being supported by world-class & state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are already offering the mobile fourth generation, 4G; we are going to build 30,040 optic-fiber km in addition to the already functioning 122,200 km; our free Wi Fi access sites will amount more than 5,000 sites; Telmex digital libraries and classrooms will amount 4,300; a brand-new Datacenter will add to the existing ones to totalize 2,500 terabytes being guaranteed by ISO 9000 and 27000, SAS 70, 5-level ICREA, and more servers to offer high-tech applications and communication to small and medium-size firms without need of neither additional investment nor technical personnel. Likewise, our efforts to universalize high-speed connectivity at the best price, quality and service will continue, so giving high-speed access to small low-income communities.
Total investment: 32,500 million pesos.

Other infrastructure: We will continue to build the Atotonilco waste water-treatment plant, which is designed to treat 60% of Valley of Mexico’s waste water by primary and secondary treatment (12 m3 and 23m3, respectively). Secondary-treatment waste water will be used to both improving irrigation water for 100,000 hectare in Valle del Mezquital and to re-injecting Valle de Mexico’s groundwater to diminish overexploitation. By its capacity, 50 m3 per second during a 4-hour period, that plant will be the one-step built biggest one in the whole world.

We are going to build highway bypasses in Guadalajara, Tepic, Culiacan, and Mazatlan, and to extend and modernize Guadalajara-Tepic, Mazatlan-Culiacan, and Mitla-Tehuantepec highways. We are going to build the Periferico Sur-San Jeronimo-Viaducto Tlalpan elevated road and “El Rosario” multimodal road, both of them in Mexico City.
Total investment: 13,250 million pesos.

We will continue building real-estate developments, commercial malls, housing projects, office buildings, entertainment, healthcare, and educational facilities like Nuevo Veracruz, and Plaza Carso second step.
Total investment: 2,300 million pesos.

Industrial, mining, and commercial activities:
Total investment: 12,200 million pesos.

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